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  • UV Max Quartz Sleeves

    Our Lamps & Quartz Sleeves are shipped with superior packaging shown here. When you order with us you can be assured that your parts with arrive in perfect working order.

    Learn about the advantages of ultraviolet water purification over buying bottled water, read Viqua's 'Take Back the Tap'.

    UV Max Systems
    UV Max Systems
    UV Max Replacement UV Lamps
    Replacement UV Lamps
    UV Max Replacement Quartz Sleeves
    Replacement Quartz Sleeves
    UV Max Control Ballasts
    UV Max Solenoid Valves
    Solenoid Valves
    UV Max CoolTouch Kits
    CoolTouch Kits
    UV Max Other Parts
    UV Sensors
    UV Sediment Filter Housing Kits
    UV Sediment Filter Housing Kits
    Accessories for UV Systems
    Accessories for UV Systems